Find the best restaurant in Barcelona

Casa Carmen is the restaurant in Paseo de Gracia that you cannot miss; it is a magical place where you can enjoy the best Spanish gastronomy with Catalan roots of the world.

Casa Carmen is a restaurant that takes great care of the atmosphere that it generates in its establishment. It is not enough to offer good food if the atmosphere in which the diners will eat will be unpleasant, that is why they have occupied the best interior designers in the world to get a place where people feel at home, with a minimalist design Very friendly and some touches of Arabic art that bring you a class that few restaurants in Barcelona can boast.

Casa Carmen is a place where we can hold many important events. Getting married at this restaurant is one of the most common occurrences within the place. If you want to propose marriage to the woman of your life, in Casa Carmen you will find a pleasant place in which the staff will agree with you so that all your plans come out of your mouth. You will see that the environment gives you much confidence, enough to make this proposal so important in the life of anyone.