Every day there are a new concept about health food

Every day the concept of healthy eating is renewed. It is no longer enough to only consume foods with a rich nutritional value, but also to take better advantage of their nutrients in each dish. In this regard, it seems difficult to find a restaurant that does not offer really healthy food, but not everything is lost. In Andalusia there is a place where you can eat healthy in every way.


Sevilla Casa Carmen is the restaurant in sight of Andalucía, not only for being one of the best in the city, but because they have strived to innovate in what a healthy meal is concerned. This restaurant takes care of every detail to offer its customers a menu full of very beneficial dishes, whether vegan or vegetarian. Casa Carmen takes this idea to the extreme and not only makes sure to prepare your food with fresh and nutritious food, but also cares about the way in which these are prepared. This ensures that your dishes retain the most nutrients after cooking. So do not miss visiting Casa Carmen, where you can eat healthy.