Jávea offers us many places and landscapes to explore along its 20 kilometers of coastline, there you can perform different activities such as diving due to the suitability of its beaches, nudism on Ambolo beach, visit the historic or traditional center such as orange groves or rivers. raus.

  • EL MONTGO NATURAL PARK: This park is one of the most remarkable places in Jávea since due to its more than 750 meters of height you can enjoy a spectacular landscape, you can visit this site with children as this activity can be done as a family spending a pleasant morning on several bicycle routes through Port-Calablanca. Living in Jávea is a good idea for nature lovers.
  • HISTORICAL TOWN: If you are more into the traditional, you can visit the historic center of the place where you can find emblematic buildings of Elizabethan Gothic style such as the Church-Fortress, this was declared a National Artistic Monument, other notable buildings are the Municipal Market of Abastos, the Town Hall and houses of the old local bourgeoisie which were built at the end of the 18th century.
  • MARINE RESERVE: You can spend a wonderful afternoon in the Marine Reserve taking an excursion through the bay by boat, sail, catamaran, motor, through which you can have the opportunity to see the different species under the sea.

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