Who doesn’t dream of a house on the beach? Sounds perfect!

If that is your plan for the future, you should know the good and the bad of having a house facing the sea, because I think that not everything is as great as it seems.


  • It’s a great investment: Owning a beach house is definitely a good investment. If you maintain it correctly, you can sell it when you need it and get (or increase) your money.
  • Guaranteed vacations: It’s the best of everything! Having a house on the beach ensures you a comfortable place to spend the summer, you don’t need anything else. It will be a place where you can just spend the summer months and enjoy sporadic getaways or live all year round. Everything sounds perfect!
  • You can rent it: And if you don’t want to live there all year round, you can rent it and take advantage of a good income. If there is a summer that you cannot go, you rent it and that’s it.


  • The area can get crowded with tourists: That’s the bad thing about the beach. Although you dream of deserted beaches, the reality is not so. Tourist areas are full of vacationers who may alter your idea of ​​peace and tranquility.
  • It needs a higher maintenance: The maintenance of a house facing the sea is much more expensive than that of a remote one. The humid environment and the saltpeter of the sea are unforgiving.
  • Houses on the coast are more expensive: It is not so easy to buy a house on the beach. The truth is that they are more expensive than those that are far away.

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